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End of Term 2

December was such a crazy month for us all, I could barely find time to update the blog! But I have come to give you all a quick update about the fun we got up to in the last 3 weeks of term 2.

We had an Elf called Elfie come to visit us. He got up to lots of fun when nobody was watching and the Kidsizers couldn't wait to see where he was every morning!

On the lead up to the Christmas Holidays we did some super fun activities such as decorating gingerbread, designing wreaths, making reindeer dust and much more. We also created our own Christmas Cards which our Kidsizers delivered to the local community!

On a Thursday we had a sports tournament than ran over 4 weeks. The kids competed in mini games, relays and sports as 3 separate teams. The Pink team won! We also had plenty of discos over the last few weeks.

We were lucky enough to be given a wonderful donation of some new Nintendo DS Devices and games at club to play with. These are super fun! We also got some new head torches which are great for outdoor play in the dark afternoons.

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