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Term 1 - 2021

What an amazing term it has been so far. We have had lots of new faces join us this year and we are so excited to have them all join our Kidsize family.

Our topic we have been working on this term is 'Kindness and how we treat others'. We have created a self esteem wall where children have been using positive adjectives to describe themselves.

Belle also led a kindness activity with the children where they made hearts with the words 'kind' and 'unkind' on either side of the heart. Belle gave the children scenarios such as "telling your friend that you care about them" and "telling someone you don't like their hair" and the children had to decide if it was kind or unkind. The children then gave each other their hearts and the other person scrumpled the heart up. Belle then told the children to say sorry to the heart and try straighten it out. She asked them if it was fixed. The children said no as it was still crumpled. Belle explained that when you hurt others they feel the hurt sometimes even after you apologies, so you have to ensure you are treating others with kindness.

We have also been doing some mindfulness activities to help children reflect on their emotions and learn calming techniques.

Last term our topic was 'Our Outdoor World'. Belle put together this wonderful board display showing everything we got up to last term. This includes our certificate for the Scottish Government Virtual Nature School programme. Carrying on from this we have been going out to play lots this term, and have offered outdoor play as an option every single day! Lots of children have enjoyed the outdoor play and have been going straight out to the playground from school pick up. We have also been enjoying playing at the Community Centre garden area - we have done some gardening, created bug houses, played sports and in the tyres.

Check out some of our outdoor play photos below:

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