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Term 1; Week 1 & 2

Welcome back everyone!! We could not be happier to have all of our Kidsizers that we missed so much during lockdown back with us. It has been amazing to see all the children's happy faces again. The return to our breakfast and after school club has gone so well and we are so pleased that the children have been able to enjoy returning to Kidsize while being kept safe by our Covid-19 measures. From the very first day back we have ensured that the children are able to play in a relaxed and safe environment which we hope has helped them with their return to school as well.

This term we have also welcomed some new Primary 1 pupils to Kidsize. We are so excited to have these children, that are starting their journey through school, with us and we are doing everything we can to help them have the best start possible. We are so proud of all our returning Kidsizers who have been so welcoming to all our new starts and have shown them just how much fun they can have at club.

We have been so proud of our Kidsizers and how they have overcome a unique and challenging time in their lives. We know it has taken a lot of work to get through the months of schoolwork at home. At Kidsize we are here to support the children as they return to school and classroom teaching.

At Kidsize we understand the value of outdoor play for children and how important it is that they have access to this everyday. We offer this choice to the children that attend club every session and since the term has started we have children that have chosen to play outside everyday, which we think is great! Before the term started we had some large tyres kindly donated. The children have had great fun playing with these tyres; we are also using two tyres as planters to grow our very own carrots.

Our Kidsizers have also enjoyed messy play and have had the opportunity to do this indoors or outdoors. We have individual play trays which we have acquired as part of our Covid-19 measures. Our Kidsizers have enjoyed turning these trays into sandpits and when they're outdoors in the sun it's just like their personal beach!

At Kidsize we love to hear from the children what activities they would like to do during their time at club. One of the most popular activities requested is slime making! We ensure that we keep a steady supply of resources for slime making. In the first two weeks of term our Kidsizers have already managed to make slime. Check out how much fun they were having!

Hand-washing and good hygiene has always been important to our health, however over the past months this has been emphasised. We have been so impressed with the children's knowledge of how to wash their hands properly to prevent the spread of germs. The children showed us just how thoroughly they could wash their hands in a fun activity using gloves and paint. The children used paint to represent soap and demonstrated how to properly ensure their entire hands were covered in soap including the areas we often miss. We love that the children can have fun while learning about things that are important in their daily lives.

It is also important that children can free play throughout their time at club and we love to see what the children get up to while they do this.

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