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Term 1; week 3 & 4

We are now flying through the school term and at Kidsize we are managing to fill it with plenty of fun! We have chosen our term topic now and we are so excited to learn about the wonders of space in our topic 'My Universe.' We have already started to create our very own paper mâché solar system which we plan to paint and display. The children will be able to learn about the order of the planets in regards to the position of the sun and learn about what it means for planets to 'orbit' the sun.

We have also learnt about the different phases of the moon and how throughout the period of a month we see different sides of the moon as it orbits the earth. The children got to use Oreos to see the different phases of the moon by removing the cream to show the warning crescent, the waxing crescent and the third moon etc. We can't wait to do lots of other super fun activities about space throughout this term.

The children have also loved making their very own tie-dye t-shirts which we have been able to do outside. Our Kidsizer's got some awesome results and are now able to wear the beautiful t-shirts they made. Tie-dying their t-shirts required patience as the t-shirts need to be tied up with lots of elastic bands to make sure only certain parts get dyed. The children did a great job at this and their hard work paid off. Check out their amazing t-shirts!

At kidsize the safety of the children in our care and the staff is our priority. Therefore we ensure that we carry out fire drills. This ensures that both the children and staff are able to evacuate the building and get to safety should a real fire ever occur. We are so proud of all of our kidsizers who have shown us during our fire drills that they can act responsibly and set an example to each other especially to our primary 1 new starts who were experiencing our fire drill for the first time. All of our children are aware of the importance of listening to staff during these drills and following a staff member to our muster point which is in the playground. After our most recent fire drill we sat with the children and evaluated with them how it had gone and any thing they think we could improve on for next time.

At Kidsize we believe it is important that the children go into school feeling ready for the day and that this is even more important now that things are a little bit different for them due to Covid-19 measures. We ensure that the children can enjoy a healthy breakfast and have lots of opportunity to play or have quiet time before it is time for school. We even ensure that our children also have opportunity to play as they wait to go to their lines. See pictures below of our primary 1's doing an upbeat exercise before school and some of the other children playing with our tyres.

By now you've probably noticed from previous posts how much our Kidsizers LOVE den building especially with the mats in the hall. We have seen some awesome dens and we love how this has helped children learn how to build and think through problems such as supporting the roof section of their den. We love that the children are developing the skills they need to create and build and are showing us how they can do this in many ways such as through puzzle pieces and lego blocks.

We have also had our very own talent show which was put on entirely by the children. We loved seeing all of our Kidsizers talents and skills; it was great to see so many of the children display their talents with confidence. The children were also very supportive of each other and their performances.

We have also continued to have loads of fun with our tyres in our outdoor area and we love seeing the new and creative ways the children choose to play with them every time. Our loom bands have also been well used and we have had a few children attempt to make 'the world's longest loom band chain' which has been a really fun challenge.

We can't wait to see what our Kidsizer's get up to next!!

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