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Term 1, Week 5 & 6

We hope everyone had an amazing September long weekend, which split up a very busy couple of weeks for all of us at Kidsize. We love providing an abundance of activities for all our Kidsizers. The children can start having fun as soon as they walk through the door as some of our activities get set up by our creative Kidsize staff. They have had great fun diving into all sorts of games and crafts over the past couple of weeks.

At Kidsize we have a costume box that is bursting with outfits and toys that our Kidsizers can use when their imagination is running wild.

Last week the children also had fun making playdough. We love when everyone get involved and are able to work together to create fun things. One of our Kidsizers made a cute caterpillar modelled after our real Kidsize caterpillars.

Last week some of the children mentioned that they'd like to try 'Manga' art which we thought was a great idea. They also drew pictures of our butterflies. One child used our butterfly book to identify the species of butterflies we had at club, he identified them as Monarch butterflies.

We've also had more delicious healthy snacks, we love that our Kidsizers are learning all the time how to make healthy food choices and that they can use this knowledge throughout their lives.

We came back to something very exciting after the long weekend - WE HAVE BUTTERFLIES! Our Kidsizers were so happy to find four beautiful Monarch butterflies in our enclosure and they even got to see one of them emerge out of its cocoon.

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