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Term 1; Week 5

Can you believe we are more than half way through September already? So far we have enjoyed some beautiful weather especially in the afternoon. We have definitely made the most of this at Kidsize because we love getting outdoors!! Our Kidsizers have loved our new sandpit that we have created. This provides so much opportunity for messy, sensory play and the children have been using our 'loose parts' alongside the sand to have lots of fun. The children have been cooking up recipes using pots and pans and sand and we love that they are able to use their imagination in this way. We may have some culinary geniuses in our midst!

Even though we have had a beautiful month of weather so far we are moving into the autumn months which can mean colder temperatures and more rain. However we are determined to ensure that the children are able to play outside as much as they would like to so we are prepared for the coming months as well. We have a brand new gazebo tent which we have already had up as the children have enjoyed it so much. This provides shelter in wetter weather but also provides play experiences. Our kidsizers that have wanted to help set the gazebo up have also learnt some early skills that may be useful on camping trips or in clubs they may attend such as guides or scouts in the future.

At Kidsize we believe that children should be able to experience 'positive risk' which enables them to make responsible decisions and learn what is and is not safe to do for themselves. One way that they can do this is through tree climbing. We have a couple of small trees in our outdoor area that provide a great opportunity for children to practice climbing. Tree climbing helps to develop children's muscle strength, hand and eye coordination and allows them to test their own physical abilities. We also love that our kidsizers are achieving when they climb trees as this is in line with our SHANARRI indicators and that they can feel their own sense of confidence at being able to do this.

We have also been continuing with our term topic 'My Universe.' Our kidsizers started to paint our paper mâché planets so that we can create our own model solar system. The children also enjoyed using our book that folds out into a space shuttle that they can interact with and go inside. They can even read the information while they sit inside the shuttle which is super fun and interactive. We also have a cool magnetic book that allows children to look at an astronaut and what they would wear, a space shuttle and the solar system.

Check out some more photos of our kidsizers having fun. A few of the children had the great idea to made their own river which they used while playing with the toy animals. Another of our kidsizers created his own desk space and utilised some space we have in the quiet room, we thought this was a great idea.

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