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Term 1; Week 7

At Kidsize we are so fortunate that we have the space to get outdoors whenever we like. Our outdoor space has its very own trees and we are all enjoying seeing the leaves change from green to beautiful autumnal colours. Our kidsizers have been making the most of the changing trees and have even used some of the fallen leaves to make autumn themed pictures. Some of the children collected some big leaves to put under paper and colour over the top with a crayon which works just like a stencil. We think this is a great idea and such a fantastic craft that anyone can do just by going outside and collecting some leaves.

Last week we also had some more fun on our slack-line obstacle course which our trees also come in very handy for. Some of the kidsizers were challenging their physical abilities by trying to get from the swinging ladder to the next rope. It was quite tricky but we were glad to see so many of the children keep trying even if they couldn't manage it the first time. This determination to achieve is something that will aid them in the future when they go on to try other activities such as sports and even in their academic studies.

Our kidsizers also continue to have endless fun in our outdoor sandpit and were even able to get use out of it when we had some heavy rain. The rain had caused some streams to form and a couple of the children figured out that they could divert the water if they blocked certain parts of the streams and opened up channels in the sand. We discussed how we actually do this in the world with big rivers to provide people with water and power. When it has been dryer weather the children have also made some sand creatures. Check out the turtle some children made below.

We're sure everyone knows by now that our Kidsizers LOVE slime! So we thought it would be a great idea to make 'Galaxy Slime' which incorporates our termly topic into a super fun activity. We were pleased that the children also thought this was a great idea. To do this the children used black food colouring and added glitter to make it look like there were millions of tiny stars in their slime. The slime turned out super cool and its amazing to imagine that there are so many stars in space that you couldn't count them all. We also love that the children get so involved in our termly topics that they will even choose to make things inline with our topic while they free play. Check out a beautiful space drawing by one of our children below.

We love to see what our Kidsizers get up to during free play and we are always amazed at what they choose to do. Last week we saw some children choosing to draw some of their interests such as Harry Potter or write out the names of countries in Asia all from memory! We also have lots of packs of top trumps at club which some of our older children played with. We of course managed to also fit some den building in during our busy week and we were really impressed with some of the children's clever idea. In order to get mats from the cupboard to where they were building their den they realised they could do this more quickly and effectively if they utilised our equipment trolley to wheel a few mats at a time to where they needed them to be.

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