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Term 1, Week 7 & 8

Welcome back to term 2, we hope everyone had a great 2 weeks off! We are SO ready for the term ahead.

In the last couple of weeks of term 1 our Kidsizers were so excited that they could finally release our Kidsize butterflies from their enclosure. This took a few attempts though as our butterflies seemed pretty happy to stay with us but our Kidsizers managed to coax them out in the end with some beautiful flowers.

We also have some budding entrepreneurs at Kidsize. Some of our Kidsizers have been making lots of lovely key chains out of scoobies and they had the great idea of selling them. We helped them set up a stall where they made a few sales. We love helping our Kidsizers to develop skills they can use in the future.

Our Kidsizers also enjoyed a bunch of new magic themed games that were kindly donated to us. Kidsize now has some of its very own magicians.

We love seeing our Kidsizers play with each other and enjoying quality time with all of their friends. Look at those happy faces!!

Our Kidsize leaders were also treated to a dance lesson from one of our super talented Kidsizers. We love to give our Kidsizers the opportunity to show their talents and to share them with everyone at club.

At Kidsize we especially love to encourage our Kidsizers to help their community and care about the earth and protecting the environment. Before the October holidays our Kidsizers got involved in litter-picking in the nearby forest and shopping area in a great effort to help the local plants and wildlife and keep our community clean. They did an amazing job of collecting all the litter they could find. We love the example our Kidsizers are to the community.

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