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Term 1; Week 8

We can't believe that this term has come to an end already. We have had an amazing eight weeks at Kidsize and will miss everyone over the October holidays. This past week we finished off our term topic, 'My Universe,' with some fun activities. On Monday we did some junk modelling. The children were tasked with building their very own spaceship out of the junk. One of the children even managed to make one that he could even fit in. It was great to see the children discussing ideas and working together. Check out some pictures of them working on this below.

The children also enjoyed a super fun space themed painting activity that they used tin foil for. By using scrunched up tin foil they were able to create really cool textures on the surfaces of the planets. The children also added stars and meteorites, which they learned about in a previous activity, to the painting. Look at them working hard on the beautiful painting in the photos below. This is now proudly displayed on our art gallery wall.

At Kidsize we can just as easily take the art outside and we did just that this week. Some of our Kidsizers drew the Sun and the Earth on the slabs with chalk. We had a great discussion about where the planets are in relation to the Sun and how hot the Sun is. We love seeing our Kidsizers think about what they they're doing and ask us questions as their inquisitive minds take everything in. One of our aims at Kidsize is for the children to 'learn more' and we encourage their curiosity as asking questions can also help them learn. Check out their chalk drawings below.

We see so many amazing personalities shining at Kidsize and we love to provide opportunities for this to happen with all of the children. We have many Kidsizers that love music, dancing and singing. This week we have had lots of shows both in the morning and afternoon in the games hall. The children had the idea to use the mats as a stage and nominated some of the children to judge while the other children took turns performing dances and singing. So many of the children got involved and had lots of fun choosing the songs they wanted to perform to. We love seeing the children really express themselves through their dancing and singing. Have a look at their stage set up below.

We also got some more dancing in when we set up the projector in the games hall. The children chose Just Dance videos off youtube which they could follow. They showed us some epic dance moves!

At Kidsize we aim to make snack time and breakfast time at club as enjoyable as possible as well. At snack times the children have the freedom to choose to eat their snack inside or outside and enjoy time with their friends while doing this. The children can also choose when they would like to eat their snack as we have 'rolling snack time' at club. We also have a relaxed breakfast time and the children are able to help themselves to the cereal out of the dispenser and can practice spreading butter and jam on their own toast which is something we encourage even our youngest Kidsizers to do. The children are also able to choose when they come for breakfast during the morning session too. Check out some of the children enjoying snack together outside and our breakfast set up below.

Over the past few weeks we have sourced a tool kit and various gadgets for our Kidsizers. The children are able to dismantle and reconstruct gadgets such as walkie-talkies, stop watches and Nintendo DS's. This is a great way for us to get further use out of gadgets that no longer work and it provides the children with the opportunity to see how these things are put together and use tools they wouldn't normally have access too.

We love seeing the bright young minds, of the children that come to club, at work. They are always showing us new ways they can create. We had some amazing lego creations this past week including a butterfly and crocodile. We also had loads of new and improved recipes cooked up in our 'mud kitchen' outside.

We hope you all have a wonderful couple of weeks off school with your families. We are super excited to be running our first holiday club this year and we have lots of exciting things planned. We hope to see some of our school club Kidsizers there too!

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