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Term 2, Week 1

We hope everyone had a lovely October break. We had a fabulous 2 weeks of holiday club, but are so glad to be back at Out of School Club, ready for another fabulous term.

We spent this week celebrating Halloween with some fun arts and crafts, pumpkin carving and making candied apple slices. The Kidsizers made some spooky spider puppets and Halloween themed scratch art (which even glowed in the dark!). For our candied apple slices we used white and milk chocolate, toffee and sprinkles. Check out photos of our Halloween activities below!

The nights may be darker and colder but that doesn't stop us from going outside. We have been using our head torches again and going on trips to the woods. On Tuesday we did some super fun team building games out in the forest. The Kidsizers have also enjoyed bug hunting and climbing trees. Before climbing we undertaken a risk/benefit assessment as a group, this allows the children to identify any potential dangers and how they can keep themselves safe. It is important to identify the benefits as well as the risks so that the children can understand why playing is so important and all the amazing skills they can learn.

Before the October Holidays some of the children asked if we could get a mini pool table, we took their request and did one better... a 5-in-1 table games set! It has table football, ping pong, pool, chess and backgammon. A couple of our older Kidsizers helped us build it by screwing the board and putting the pieces together. They have really been enjoying this so far and lots of games have been played.

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