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Term 2, Week 1 & 2

We have had an amazing first couple of weeks of term 2 so far. Our first week back was filled with halloween fun. Our Kidsizers were super excited about their costumes and trick or treating. In preparation for our own halloween party our Kidsizers carved some amazing pumpkins to put outside the community centre on halloween. We loved the designs they chose for their pumpkins and the great teamwork they showed as they carved them in pairs.

At our Halloween party our Kidsizers got ready for trick or treating with amazing face-paints by our super talented leaders Jenna and Rachael. We had some awesome zombies, spiders and vampires. We hope everyone had a great time trick or treating!!

At Kidsize we have lots of resources that allow our Kidsizers to use their imaginations to create structures. At Kidsize our building blocks are very popular with our Kidsizers as they create and build. Some of our favourite creations have been a smoothie maker, house and fortress.

Our Kidsizers did such a good job at litter picking last term and now know how important it is to protect our earth and look after our wildlife. One way of looking after our wildlife is by making bird feed. Now that we are coming into winter, food is harder to find for birds so providing bird feed for them is very important. Birds need to eat high amounts of fat during the winter so our Kidsizers made bird feed balls out of sunflower seeds and lard. We then went out to the forest and our Kidsizers put the bird feed balls in the trees. Our Kidsizers hope the birds enjoy the bird feed they made for them and that it helps them through the winter.

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