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Term 2, Week 2

Monday was bonfire night so we made some firework paintings with Becca. We used black paper and lots of painting methods such as brush splattering and blowing through a straw. We saw some masterpieces in action

On Tuesday we did some science with Jenna by making fireworks in a jar by using water, oil and food colouring. We spoke about density and how the causes oil to float on top of water. Our Science activities are engaging and challenge the children to thing outside the box.

We played some fun team games with Eleanor using props such as a hoop and a ball. Team games are great for building bonds within the group. So far this term we have seen many new friendships between children of all ages. We then did yoga with Jenna and practised some moves such as cat, cobra, warrior and tree.

On Thursday we had sports with Belle. We started with our child led warm up which Anna led this week! We then did a bleep run, the kids love this and it’s great to see everyone cheering each other on. We practised our ball skills as well. We then did some relaxation, the Kidsizers have been loving their relaxation we have introduced recently. It relaxes their bodies and allows their imagination to flow and get rid of negative emotions.

To end the week we had a disco and played some of our favourite games!

All of our group led activities are optional in order to comply to the Playwork Principles, but it is great to see that almost all of the children attending our clubs take part in the daily group activity even if it’s just to try.

At our breakfast club we run free choice activities, we are beginning to introduce team games and group activities as the children settle in. Many children have been submitting their suggestions for activities, this week we bought some brand new Lego and are introducing Lego challenge cards next week. Some other things we have been requested and are looking into buying are skipping ropes, animal colouring masks and badges.

Our cupboard managers this week did an amazing job of keeping our cupboard neat and tidy.

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