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Term 2, Week 3

Our Kidsize team underwent some mindfulness training at the weekend and decided to use some of the methods we learnt at club. At breakfast club we did an activity that gets the body and mind in tune with each other by spelling our names with different body parts. In the afternoon we played some team games.

On Tuesday we made poppy wreaths with Becca as it was Remembrance Sunday at the weekend. We drew round our hands on green paper to make the leaves of the wreath.

On Wednesday we did Skittle Science with Eleanor. We put Skittles on a plate and poured water over it and watched as the colours seeped into the water and made beautiful patterns.

Thursday was the last day of our week as Friday was an in-service day. The children got to dress down for school and were in a super hyper mood so we decided to have a fabulous disco in the morning. The Kidsizers loved dancing with all the lights!

On Thursday afternoon we played sports with Jenna. We started off with a warm up led by Lachlan. It included some super fun moves such as the Floss! We then played Bum Ball, Dodgeball and Chaos Tag. Everyone had so much fun!

This week Jenna, Eleanor and Belle alongside Mike and Nicole (KCC Staff) cleared out what was once the junk cupboard upstairs to make our new quiet room! In this room we have comfy cushions and blankets as well as a tent, this is the perfect place for reading or just chilling out.

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