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Term 2; week 3 & 4

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Our Kidsizers have been getting very involved in our new term topic 'Around the world.' So far they have experienced China and England and Wales and have been sharing where they themselves have visited.

The boys and girls researched some of the most well known places to visit in China and drew amazing pictures of the Great Wall of China. They also got to taste some authentic Chinese dishes such as egg fried rice and made their own vegetable stir fry to eat as part of their balanced snack. Some of our Kidsizers also helped one of our fantastic leaders go to the local Chinese take away restaurant to get fortune cookies for everyone. We also had a traditional Chinese tea ceremony where we learnt about Chinese culture and respect.

Our Kidsizers also made Welsh love spoons and learnt about their history and their meaning.

Some of our Kidsizers have been working alongside Jenna this week to research and make a list of toys they would like to donate as Christmas presents to children who are not as fortunate. They came up with a fabulous list of presents and Jenna and Belle went out to buy these later in the week.

One of the most popular requests from our Kidsizers is for more lego and we can see why. Our Kidsizers love creating with lego and can have endless hours of fun building and creating.

At Kidsize we have an amazing quiet room recently redecorated by our amazing leader Jenna. The children love this space that has so many purposes such as a quiet reading space, a homework room, a movie room and much more. We particularly love when we see our Kidsizers read from our abundance of books, growing their vocabulary and imagination.

Recently the boys and girls have enjoyed a range of other activities such as using the wii with their friends which encourages socialising and teamwork and doing jigsaws encouraging problem solving.

We can't wait to see what our Kidsizers get up to next.

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