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Term 2, Week 4

We have reached half way through term 2 and cannot believe how fast the year has gone by already! To start our fourth week of term we played games in the Big hall with Eleanor and Becca. Most of the games we play are chosen and lead by the children themselves. Some of the games they play are: Chaos Tag, Stick in the Mud, and Cross the River.

On Tuesday we did Science with Jenna where we made parachutes for eggs to see if we could drop them from high up and see if they could not break. This was super fun and got our brains working. The Kidsizers designed and made their own parachutes, and were only given help from a leader when required. This showed great independence.

We started Wednesday morning off with some group yoga in the big hall. The Community Centre recently purchased new lightweight, foam mats so we used them. Jenna lead the yoga session for the group teaching some moves such as the tree pose and the warrior. We had dimmed lighting and relaxing music to create a calming atmosphere. The Kidsizers then worked either independently or as a group to come up with their own yoga poses which they then taught to the rest of the group.

On Wednesday afternoon we made our own fingerprint tree crafts with Eleanor. Some beautiful trees were made!

A couple of the children requested to play Musical Statues on Thursday morning. This was super fun and is definitely one of the groups favourite games. In the afternoon we did sports in the hall. We had our child lead warm up to begin with and then took part in circuit sports with Belle.

On Friday we had a disco to end the week. Discos are one of our favourite things to do! If you get too tired from the Disco you can chill in the quiet room instead.

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