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Term 2, Week 5

Week 5 of term was Becca's last week at Kidsize! So we decided to make it a super fun week (as every week is!!).

On Monday Becca prepared an activity for the group of making Salt Dough fossil print using dinosaur toys. We then painted our prints in beautiful colours. An elf door appeared in our quiet room today, much to everyone's excitement! And whilst everyone began to get in the Christmas spirit, some of the kids decided to use our Den Making materials to make Santa's Sleigh!

We did an interesting science experiment on Tuesday where we used different liquids to clean pennies. These liquids were: soapy water, lemon juice, vinegar and coca-cola. The Kidsizers concluded that lemon juice cleaned the best and that the older the penny was, the harder it was to clean.

On Wednesday we worked as a group to make a MASSIVE paper chain to decorate the hall for the Christmas Party on Saturday. Everyone was excited to see how long the paper chain could become. Some children stayed in the quiet room and listened to some storytelling by Jenna.

We continued doing our Circuits with Belle on Thursday and had a little bit of a competition. This was super fun as it tested things such as our motor skills, speed, accuracy and teamwork!

To end the week we completed some Homework and then had our Friday Disco! We also had to say goodbye to Becca on Friday which was very sad, she will be missed lots.

During the morning club this week we saw lots of our Kidsizers take on our new Lego Challenge cards. There's lots of different cards with different challenges such as building monuments or instruments.

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