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Term 2, Week 5 & 6

In week 5 we started our week with an act of kindness. The previous week our Kidsizers came up of a list of toys they would like to give to children who are not fortunate enough to get Christmas presents. Jenna and Belle then went out and bought £200 worth of toys to donate to local charity Abernecessities. The boys and girls at Kidsize learnt about the charity and watch a video about Abernecessities mission. They then sorted the presents into bags of age ranges. They did a fabulous job and worked together as a team!

Our chosen country for this week was Mexico and we had some super yummy snacks. On Monday we had tortillas and on Tuesday we had nachos and the popular Mexican fruit pomegranate. To end our short week we had Mexican rice on Wednesday. The kids also took part in some fun Mexican themed crafts. They made Maracas and sombreros which are Mexican instruments and hats.

Some of our girls at Kidsize started their week off by making a tranquil den and practising some mindfulness. I was super impressed that the girls choose to do this independently without any help from a Kidsize leader. It is great to see the children engaging in mindfulness and setting a positive mindset for the day.

Our country for this week was Italy - the Kidsizers made some posters about Italy as well as cooking some delicious snacks. On Thursday we cooked pasta, the Kidsizers got to help out by prepping and chopping the onions and peppers as well as mixing in the sauce. On Friday the kids made their own mini flatbread pizzas. They were delicious!

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