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Term 2; weeks 6 & 7

We are so close to the end of this term and we're not sure we are ready to have two weeks off from seeing our wonderful kidsizers and the amazing friendships we get to see daily. The play opportunities at Kidsize have allowed beautiful friendships to grow. We know at Kidsize that this is so important for children as it helps them learn about themselves and supports their emotional and social development. Check out this happy photo of friends below!

Something that also helps promote friendships between all age groups that come to Kidsize is group activities. These don't always have to be planned activities in advance and sometimes it's just the result of two people playing a game and others joining in. A very popular game amongst the children at the moment is 'Dobble' which has encouraged friendly competition and a lot of fun. This game requires the children to have very fast reflexes while exercising their brains. To play this game they have to be able to process what they are seeing on the card in the middle of the table and what it matches to on their own card faster than their opponent.

Despite the very wet weather we have been experiencing over the last couple of weeks we have still been able to enjoy plenty of outdoor play at the playground. Some of the children also made the most of a super frosty afternoon and wrapped up nice and warm in their hats and gloves so they could have lots of fun. While the grass may be a bit muddier and slippy when it rains this has encouraged the children to think about how to play safely and sensibly depending on the conditions. This is further opportunity for them to experience positive risk and also promotes physical development as they learn how play on equipment in different conditions as this may require them to engage more muscles to balance etc.

At Kidsize we have our very own 'Quiet room' which is multi functional as it provides a place for play and a place for quiet time and breathing space depending on a child's needs. A lot of children enjoy the chalk board that runs along one wall of the quiet room. The chalk board is perfect for our club as it can provide endless hours of enjoyment for all the children who then, when they are finished, clean it off with a chalk eraser for the next child. The past couple of weeks the chalk board has served as a classroom board and some of our older children have been teaching some of the younger children sums and how to tell the time. We love that the children can have fun together but be learning at the same time. We also have some keen book readers at club who enjoy a quiet and enclosed space to enjoy reading. We love to see the ways they find to create the perfect reading nook whether this is in the tent or in the quiet room using foam rolls.

St Andrew's Day has come and gone and we chose to mark this day by getting some lovely tartan material out to craft with. The children decorated some lovely bags and pictures with the tartan material and used the Kidsize iPad to look at emblems and tartan patterns to give them inspiration for their designs.

As you all know our Kidsizers love snack time. This is because this isn't just an opportunity to eat a healthy and nutritious snack after a long day at school. Snack time allows for socialising as the children can get their snack and then take the time to talk to their friends while they eat. Some of the most interesting topics of conversation come up at snack time and often cause others to join in causing fun and lively group discussions to take place. We are so happy that the atmospheres at our snack times are just as fun as when the children are engaging in play during the sessions.

Of course it wouldn't feel like the lead up to Christmas time without some Christmas activities and crafts to do. Some of the children have enjoyed making beautiful Christmas bags using fabric pens and felt. Some of our Kidsizers even decided after all their hard work to take them as gifts to their teachers at school which is so kind of them. Handmade gifts are so meaningful and we have been able to discuss with the children how gifts that are thoughtfully given can be the most special kind of gifts. Some of the children also enjoyed a pom pom craft making Santas, penguins, reindeer, polar bears and snowmen. They all turned out super cute! This is also the time of year that the children get a special visitor to club. Elfie our Elf on the shelf has returned to have some fun with the children. He has been up to all kinds of fun and tricks since his quarantine ended and has been a great cause of excitement amongst the children. Who knows what he will manage to get up to before the end of term.

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