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Term 3; week 1

WELCOME BACK EVERYONE! We could not be more glad to have all of our Kidsizers back at school club. We are very hopeful that we never have to have another period of lockdown with schools being closed again. It may have only been the first week back but we had an unbelievably busy and fun week here at club.

Our Kidsize staff started online coaching with a Virtual Nature School a few weeks ago. They are undertaking this training to better their practice regarding play outdoors and the experiences provided for the children. The staff are provided with lines of enquiry each week that they can then present to the children. So far we have done 'looking up', 'looking down' and 'looking through.' By providing these children with these starting points when they have gone outdoors we have been able to observe how play has developed from that. Last week the children had a great time 'looking through' and this led to looking at nature and each other through materials such as clear plastic and toilet tubes etc. The play was then entirely child led and they ended up 'fishing' and building bridges. The children also discovered frog spawn which they checked up on each day that we went back to the park. We are so excited for the coming weeks and the play that will stem from these enquiries. Check out the pictures below of last weeks 'looking through' play.

The children have also been enjoying playing at the park and on all the equipment. We were outside every single day last week which provided for lots of time to play at the park. A lot of our Kidsizers love to climb so the rope climbing frame is very popular. We also encourage the children to think of the health and safety risks to climbing, whether that's on climbing frames or trees. This allows for the children to take positive risks and do things that challenge them as they are aware of any limitations to their climbing and can make sensible decisions based on that.

In preparation for the return of all our kidsizers last week we moved around a few things in our quiet room. This has provided new play spaces and opportunities for the children. This has also allowed for better access to our board games and displays them so that they catch the children's interest. Having this area in the quiet room has inspired the children to set up games or activities they would like to do in this area as well. Last week the children set up a small table and took out the gadgets to dismantle. They were able to stand at this table and this allowed for the play to flow and children to come and go as they pleased.

We have recently acquired some new toys and the bag of toy food items we have bought has been very popular this past week. These toys allow the children to engage in role play such as playing 'mums and dads,' pretending to be in a restaurant and working in a kitchen etc. These toys are all plastic and therefore can be easily cleaned between uses to ensure that we can maintain cleaning procedures against COVID-19. Have a look at pictures of the children playing with these toys.

Our Kidsizers LOVE getting to play in the big hall we have access to here. This provides them with plenty of space and use of the foam mats that are kept in the hall cupboard. Last week the children set up a stage using these mats and stairs. They then had one child announcing the performances by each child and they took turns doing various acts such as dancing or gymnastic tricks. The children were able to organise themselves into the a line and wait for their turn while cheering on their peers. Check out some of the action below.

We are also so happy to be able to provide all of the children with healthy and yummy snacks again. We are hoping to develop a snack plan for next term based more fully on the children's requests. This will further the children's participation and their feeling of inclusion in their snack times. Have a look at how appealing our snack table looks.

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