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Term 3, Week 10

This week was national STEM week so we decided to incorporate some Science and Technology into our activities. On Monday it was great weather so we went outside. When we came back in afterwards some of the boys and girls made slime!

On Wednesday we took in a box of STEM challenge cards and some materials such as cups, straws, toothpicks and sweets. There were lots of challenges such as: build a bridge from straws, a boat from foil and a pyramid of cups!

On Thursday some of the boys and girls played with a rocket launcher. They discovered that the more force you used the faster and higher the rocket went!

On Friday it was Red Nose Day! In the morning the boys and girls could get their face painted, do some baking and take part in our Floss-a-thon. In the morning we sold our baked goods to the public and parents. We manged to raise £44.

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