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Term 3; week 5 & 6

We LOVE getting outdoors with our Kidsizers and we are so lucky to have access to amazing outdoor spaces such as the local forest, primary school playground and playing field, grassy areas and local park. The children always enjoy getting outside to explore a natural enviroment and benefitting from the fresh air and positive risk through adventurous outdoor play. We have lots of outdoor toys and equipment that the children can use such as footballs, cones, parachute and kites etc. Even more importantly our Kidsizers also have access to our loose parts suitcase which holds a large variety of 'loose parts' that are objects with no specific set of directions and can be used as a child chooses. At kidsize we understand that having access to loose parts is important for children to be creative and that this access can empower creativity and imagination. Check out how much fun our Kidsizers have outdoors.

At Kidsize we do our best to help children achieve and will support them doing this in any way that we can. This can be through school homework which we have a homework sticker chart for or more recently helping a child achieve one of their rainbow badges which involved creating a rainbow with their food.

Some of the children that come to Kidsize are learning musical instruments and do this through lessons at school. Since they take their instruments home with them after these lessons we thought this was a great opportunity to provide time to practice and perform at club.

We have also been doing some amazing topic work over the past couple of weeks and have been fortunate to have a parent of one of our Kidsizers offer her time to teach the children about the human body and its functions. The children got to see a model of a body and its organs and a skeleton. Our Kidsizers also had lots of their questions answered about the body. We followed this visit up with a fun activity about the digestive system where the children got to see how our bodies break down and digest food.

Our Kidsizers love being able to prepare their own snack and we love promoting this independency and participation. Cooking snack once a week has helped to provide this opportunity even more and encouraged more of the children to have snack and prepare thei own. This has also encouraged more conversation about what food is healthy and how we can have healthy balanced meals.

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