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Term 3, Week 9

Our topic for March is 'Careers'. We started off week 9 with a couple days of baking. The children were given a basic recipe of how to make fro-yo bars and rice crispie treats. From there they used the ingredients and a bit of creativity to make the final outcome.

Some of our Kidsizers then helped to sell their baked goods at the community centre on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. The money raised will go to Comic Relief for Red Nose Day.

On Thursday afternoon the boys and girls did obstacle training. They knew that lots of athletes and footballers had to undertake training like this but they did not realise that you may have to do obstacle training for careers in the police and armed forces.

A few of our Primary 1 and 2 girls decided to practise being performers on Friday morning. They put on a show for all the other boys and girls and even made a poster to advertise!

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