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Term 3; Weeks 1 & 2

We hope everyone has had a great start to the new year and enjoyed the holiday season. We have had an amazing start back and are ready to have an even bigger and better year than the last with all of our Kidsizers.

We have celebrated some exciting birthdays already this year for one of our staff members and a Kidsizer. Happy birthday!!

Over the holidays we have fulfilled some of the requests our children have had which include the Harry Potter book serious and thousands of loom bands which have been very popular. Our Kidsizers have had the amazing and thoughtful idea to make loom band jewellery to sell so that they can raise money for charities that are providing help to those affected by the Australian wildfires. We love that they want to help and are working so hard to fulfil their goal.

The children have been getting stuck into lots of arts and crafts since they've been back. They have decorated ceramic lighthouses, t-shirts, canvas bags and masks. Our Kidsizers have expressed themselves through their beautiful designs and have made lots of wonderful things they were able to take home with them.

Not only have our Kidsizers been able to decorate and design they have also been creating and building their own robots using materials such as card board boxes and packing foam. Check out the 'One-armed Robot' that was created.

One of our Kidsize leaders has kindly donated some of her Wii games for the children to enjoy. Mario party has been very popular and the children have enjoyed playing this together. We love that Wii games like this encourage problem solving, team work and strategising all whilst having great fun.

Check out more photos below of our Kidsizers playing and creating with their friends.

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