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Term 3; weeks 3 & 4

Our Kidsizers loved getting involved with last terms topic but a new term means... it's time for a NEW TOPIC!!! This term our Kidsizers want to learn about the human body so our topic is going to be 'Me and my body.' The children have provided us with lots of challenging questions regarding this topic and we hope to help them find the answers to them.

Our Kidsizers already have a great understanding of how they can keep their bodies healthy by having a healthy diet through the snack we provide. This term they are also going to be cooking a healthy food option once a week. This will encourage them to think about what would be a healthy snack and see how it can be fun to eat in a way that nourishes the body. So far we have made pancakes with fruit and scrambled eggs.

Recently we have obtained our very own circus tent which looks great and provides an amazing space for the children to relax in and have that quiet time that they may want after a busy day at school.

There have been a lot of questions about the human brain from the children since our topic was decided. The children keenly got involved in a memory test game. One of the brain's main functions is to retain memories of experiences we have as we go through life and the things we see, do and say. Our Kidsizers put this to the test by having a variety of objects on a tray that they were allowed to look at for 30 seconds and then tis was covered and they had one minute to remember everything they saw on the tray. Harder than you think!!

Our Kidsizers have been creating more art in the last couple of weeks including origami and drawing. We love that we can provide any resources the children may need to get creative.

Children can also learn through technology and thats why our children love playing the wii where they can learn skills. Children can also learn from certain programmes on TV such as factual programmes or shows that encourage them to interact and discuss them with their peers.

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