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Term 4, Week 7

Week 7 was a great week! We spent the mornings in the sports hall building forts from the mats and spinning hoops, as well as playing ball sports.

We invited the Scottish Fire and Rescue service to visit us at club. This links to our May topic "My Rights and The People Who Look After Me". They were supposed to come visit on Wednesday but unfortunately got called out to a real life fire, so instead we spent Wednesday afternoon making cards and posters to give to them. They came along on Thursday afternoon instead.

We asked the firefighters lots of questions such as "How do you become a firefighter?", "Why did you want to be a firefighter?" and "What is your favourite way to save people?"

After finding out lots about what firefighter do, we went out to see their fire engine. There was lots of cool features such as an axe, a hammer and a door barricade.

The boys and girls even got to hold the hose and spray water! It was so much fun and some of us even got a bit sprayed!

We ended the visit with a group photo in front of the fire engine.

The Kidsizers made sure to give the firefighters their cards and pictures.

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