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Term 1, Week 1

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

We have had such an amazing first week!

On Tuesday we had art with Jenna where we drew portraits of ourselves and eachother using mixed media. We then added facts to our pictures that we learned about each other.

On Wednesday day we did science with Becca where we learnt about fingerprints. We found out what type of finger prints we have and some interesting facts. Did you know koalas have human fingerprints?! We then painted our own finger print tree.

On Thursday we did sports with Belle. We practised passing and catching and then played a few rounds of Dodgeball. After that we played a new type of dodgeball that Lachlan and Anna suggested, it was super fun.

On Friday we had a super fun play day. As it was our first week, there was not much homework to do so instead we set up the disco lights and played. We also made some cool robot masks!

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