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Term 1, Week 2

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

This week we were doing lots of fun activities!

On Monday we decorated canvas bags in art. Our Kidsizers came up with some amazing designs such as Fortnite and dragon themes. These bags are great reusable ones for shopping or PE kits!

On Tuesday we did science with Becca. We made fantastic chemical reactions. First of all the Kidsizers had to draw what they thought would happened and then we watched Becca mix some marvellous concoctions. Some bubbled and fizzed, some changed colours and some changed into a solid!

Wednesday was a beautiful sunny day, so we went outside and played rounders. After rounders we went to the playground. Going outside is super important for our health and happiness!

On Thursday we played some drama games such as the “Funny Game”. We then played lots of games such as Chaos Tag and Dodgeball.

To end the week we relaxed on Friday with some play time and a film “The Croods”. We also made posters to put up about Kidsize.

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