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Term 1, Week 3

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

What a fantastic week we had!

On Monday we played team building and drama games such as "Hoop Hop", "Human Noughts N' Crosses" and "The Funny Game". These games promote positive interactions between the group and help build confidence. We also beat our time at the Hoop Game with 26.87 seconds!

Hoop Hop

Human Noughts and Crosses

Becca taught us all some origami on Tuesday. We made origami swans followed by paper aeroplanes. We then incorporated some science into our activity by discussing aerodynamics and finding out with plane could fly the furthest.

Wednesday was a super sunny day so we decided to go outside and enjoy the nice weather. We went up to the school playground and played with the equipment. We saw lots of positive play and group interaction.

Group Selfie!

On Thursday we began learning Badminton with Belle. We will be doing Badminton for the next few weeks. This Thursday we focused on serving and basic racket skills. We hope by week 3 to be playing full games.

To end the week we decorated our own lighthouse tea light holders. We saw some fantastically colourful designs from our Kidsizers!

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