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Week 7, Term 1

We started our week with some Art with Jenna, we learned colour mixing and about primary and secondary colours. Our Kidsizers already knew a lot but were surprised at how we make brown and pink. Check out these pics of them in action.

On Tuesday we got to play one of our favourite games Hoop Hop! This was some of our primary 1's first time playing and they did great.

Wednesday was a super fun day of games and imagination, we saw some of our Kidsizers work together to make an indoor den of blankets and pillows whilst others got active in the big hall for some running around games. At Kidsize we love being creative and letting our imaginations run wild.

On Thursday we had some super fun free play. Our Kidsizer's played with balloons as well as using cones to create pictures. This activity was great as it challenged the kids to work together. We also play Dodgeball, Dodgeball is one of our Kidsizer's favourite games! We saw some great teamwork between the older and younger children during our games. Most of our Kidsizer's got involved which was great to see.

It was a sunny day on Friday so we made the most of it by going out to play. We played with some of our equipment as well as the playground equipment.

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