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Make Friends

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Have Fun


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We encourage all of our Kidsizers to create friendships with each other. So far we have seen so many friendships blossom at Kidsize between friends of different ages and genders who may otherwise not have the opportunity to become friends in a school environment. We have many children attend our holiday camps not knowing any of the other children and have left with many new friends. It is so lovely to watch the inclusive environment that exists at Kidsize, nobody is ever left out of play or group work. These friendships form organically through the activities we organise. 


Our main aim for all of our services are to ensure that the children are having as much fun as possible. To do this we fill our days with many varying activities whilst also allowing time for relaxation and free play. By varying the activities we are ensuring that every child does at least one of their favourites in a day. We also strive to make every day different so that the children do not get bored of repeating the same day. 


At Kidsize we recognise and value the importance of learning through play. We believe that through every activity there is an opportunity to learn. Our owner, Corinne, is a qualified primary school teacher and organises stimulating and inspiring activities for children to gain new skills and knowledge. Through science experiments; designing and creating; writing scripts and performing; and outdoor activities, the children are always engaging in active learning throughout the day.  We also create a safe and secure environment for children to develop and build on their social skills. 
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